Best Buddies Champion of the Year 2018 Starts Next Week [DETAILS]

ORyan and Tim team up for Best Buddies!
ORyan and Tim team up for Best Buddies!

August 2nd marks the KICK OFF of the 2018 “Champion of the Year” competition with Best Buddies! And, in this competition, EVERYONE wins. But, the person who raises the most money gets bragging rights for a year.

So, hi! I am ORyan, Morning Grind host on Peoria’s 92.3. I am not sure you know how passionate I am about giving people with any kind of disability an opportunity at respect, compassion, and the opportunity to live the same life I live. Dream the same dreams I dream, Watch them come true. And just be treated like a human being who wants love and friendship. And that… is the door that Best Buddies opens to many people around the USA with developmental disabilities.

That is why I had to be a part of this year’s “Champion of the Year!” And, I brought my Campaign Manager Tim back to help me get there.

Our goal this year is $3000. But I am going to make it a personal goal to get to $4000.

And, we have until October 5th to get there. And together, I know we can.

Here are a few ways you can help me get to that goal AND be involved/learn more about Best Buddies. And if you decide to join in on one of these events, it helps Tim and I reach our goal faster! So make sure to let them know you are on team “Cruzin’ for Inclusion” with ORyan and Tim!

  • Thursday, August 2nd from 530-730pm: Kick-Off Party – Kelleher’s (Peoria)
  • Friday, September 7th – Night Golf – Mt. Hawley Country Club
  • Friday, October 5th from 6-11pm: Champion of the Year Gala – Trailside Events Center (Peoria Heights)

You can also click here to make a donation to help ORyan and Tim get to $3000 for Best Buddies!