Is Your Child Struggling With Math? Mathnasium Is Here To Help

Flickr User Chris de Kok
Flickr User
Chris de Kok

Not everyone is great at math. Trust me, I know.

Hey, it’s ORyan, Morning Grind host. Did you know that I am a math minor? I was going to teach high school math, but linear algebra got the best of me. And after the 2nd time taking it, I really had no clue what I was doing. Mathnasium would have been huge.

And now, for parents who don’t understand math, there is common core. Which, is crazy.

So, stop freaking out or being worried about your children. Set them up with Mathnasium in Peoria and watch them excel!

Mathnasium is having an open house this Saturday (Sept 8th) from 9a-3p at their Junction City Shopping Center location, just off Knoxville.

Stop in for a free assessment AND 50% off your registration fees when you sign up!

Mathnasium… Making math, make sense! And helping parents everywhere relax… a little bit.