Join Peoria’s 92.3 At The Haunted Infirmary at Bartonville Insane Asylum This Weekend!

Haunted Infirmary FB Screen Shot
Haunted Infirmary FB Screen Shot

This Saturday, join Peoria’s 92.3 at the Haunted Infirmary in Bartonville from 6-8p.

It’s the haunted time of year, and one of the best haunted houses on the planet is ready to give you nightmares that will last you into the next life.

As siren is winding down, The infirmary haunted house. A portal has been ripped open by a group of mad occultists known as the BROTHERHOOD OF DOOM Using this power source they have been collecting supernatural creatures and demons to prepare for ASSIMILATION.

Are you brave enough to view this horrifying collection or will you be the latest victim of DOOM The infirmary haunted house open every weekend in October, 7p to midnight in Bartonville.

Brought to you by Limestone JFL and Insane Women Productions.

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