Pet Of The Week Kicks Off October!

Meet our Pet’s Of The Week to kick off October! Here’s Simon; black & white & he originally came from Peoria Humane Society as a kitty, and now he’s is back 3 years later; since then he has learned to talk into a microphone and be really cute; unfortunately his human family couldn’t keep him..  🙁

Johny is snuggly little guy.  He’s 7 years old, minds his manners and is quiet and gentle.  At only 17 pounds and with a soft Terrier coat, Johny is the perfect little buddy to cuddle up with.  Meet them and more at PCAPS! 


A little rounder than most cats and a little lazier too, that’s Mona!  She is a very affectionate 4 year old and one of the only things that will get her moving is the temptation of a good petting session!  Just try to stop petting her, she will grab you with her front foot and pull you back in!