Free Flat Screen Fridays In December on Peoria’s 92.3

Flickr User akaitori
Flickr User akaitori

Do you or someone you know have a flat screen TV on their Christmas list? Well then… we got YOU!

Free Flat Screen Fridays are BACK! Every Friday in December (starting the week of December 10th) we will give away two flat screen TVs every Friday at 8am and 5pm.

Join ORyan and the Morning Grind at 8am, and at 5pm in the Afternoon Takeover with Kristin, for the code words Monday-Thursday. Then, remember them. #SRSLY!

Then, on Friday, tell us all 4 code words in order at 8am to win a flat screen TV. OH, and then AGAIN at 5pm with Kristin.

Make sure the view at home gets a nice little upgrade and enjoy the holidays with a brand new TV with Free Flat Screen Fridays on Peoria’s 92.3!!!