ORyan and Alyssa Make A Wager On Sundays Big Mega Football Game [Morning Grind]

ORyan and Alyssa!
ORyan and Alyssa!

Hey! It’s ORyan. Sad that the Bears aren’t in the Superb Owl this weekend. And yes, just to be safe, I will never call it what it is.

And I am also sad that everyone hates Tom Brady so much. Don’t get me wrong, I am not first in line to dry his footballs after a hard game. But, with so much talk of “Winning” and how epic it’s supposed to be, why is everyone so mad at someone who wins?

Maybe Tom Brady should get a Desitin sponsorship and hand it out to people who are offended by his GOATness.

So, I am picking the Pats to win the big game on Sunday. Not because I love the Pats, or Tom Brady (who I wont judge the way he kisses his son). No, I am going with the team that should win!

And then, Alyssa is picking the Rams. She wants the “underdog” to win because the Patriots “win to much!”

So, when the Patriots win… Alyssa gets to watch my kids for 4 hours so my wife and I can have a date night.

If LA wins, then Alyssa wants me to wear her HS Cheerleader outfit and do a cheer. Pom Poms and all. Which is fine by me. When I put that thing on, ladies all around central Illinois will be jealous of my sexy legs!

Who you got?

Enjoy the weekend and please don’t drink and drive!