The Emotions of a Pet loss

On May 1st, I lost a companion and pretty much a 2nd boyfriend. I will call myself a hypocrite. I always thought people were crazy for being so sad when losing a pet. Having to take a day off work or a couple day or whatever it may be. I ended up meeting this cat name Moe obviously thru my boyfriend Mitch.. Now Moe was 12 years old, set in his ways of being a cat that didn’t cuddle and just did his own thing. Now if you don’t know me I like to harass people if they don’t like being bothered. I will make him love me… is what I thought inside my head.. I told Mitch I will make him a “domesticated” cat.. So while living with Mitch.. I would come home from work everyday and skip everyone in the house and go straight to Moe.. I would either put my head on him or pick him up and make him cuddle with me. To the point that he would meow telling me to let him down. He would sit on top of the couch and I would grab him down and try to make him lay with me. He would sleep by our feet and I would grab him to bring him up next to me. I put him on a routine for his food bowl, which was always when I get up in the morning and when I got home from work. Soo he ended up looking at me as his food dispenser. Little did I know that when I was trying to make this cat love me, that I would end up totally falling in love with him. He started to let me hold him with no meowing. He would come sit next to me or Mitch on the couch. He would come and sleep in my arms and every morning he would get out of bed with me and lay next to me while I did my makeup till I fed him. He was my companion.. my 2nd boyfriend! We get up in the morning together. I would come find him when I got home, every time I got on the couch, he would come lay with me. He would sleep with me when I went to bed early due to work and would lay with me all day when I was sick. He was there for me when I would be crying and upset. What people don’t realize how much a pet is there for you and how they really are your companion. So I apologize to anyone I may had made fun of because I didn’t realize what I was missing. I was missing a kind of love and partnership that you can never get unless you have a pet and then lose one. I know he is in a better place.