Ladies Steal The Show In The Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Chris Stapleton “Blow” [MUSIC VIDEO]

YouTube Screen Shot
YouTube Screen Shot

Are you ready for one of the wildest songs of the year? Well… here it is.

The line up of features on Ed Sheeran’s new album is ridiculously awesome! Chance the Rapper, Justin Beiber, and now… Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton.

Seriously, this guy is hitting every genre of music for his collabs, and they are pretty fire.

This new track “Blow” just plain rocks! It’s seriously one of the more fire rock songs out right now (which, if you are a rock diehard, we can debate this over a few beers. Rock music is kind of shaky and this could bring it back to life). Don’t @ me though.

The coolest part of the video is they tapped some ladies to lead the charge. And they do!

Click play, enjoy, and make your Tuesday at work a little sexier!!!

ORyan tha KANG!