Former Peoria’s 92.3 DJ Joins The Quest For Inclusion in Central Illinois

Jason Parkinson and Best Buddies Mission Partner Jim!
Jason Parkinson and Best Buddies Mission Partner Jim!

You may remember him as JP! Maybe just Jason. Well, former Peoria’s 92.3 DJ Jason Parkinson is now running his own business in central Illinois. And through OneFire, Jason has been connecting businesses with technology to provide them the best service for their business and their clients. Well now, Jason is trying to connect the community with inclusion.

Jason has teamed up with Best Buddies to raise money to create a better life for people with developmental disabilities. And you can help.

Currently, Jason is participating in “Champion of the Year!” It’s where people go head to head to raise the most money for Best Buddies.

Best Buddies provides one-to-one friendships in schools, after graduation, and helps with job placements!

How can you help? Listen to the interview below AND click here to donate.

– ORyan