Morning Grind & Ricki Lake Agree, Bald Is Beautiful

photo cred Twitter

As heard on the Morning Grind today, no hair, don’t care!  RICKI LAKE has been dealing with hair loss for over 30 years.  She finally just shaved her head, and she feels “liberated and free.” . Here she is with a full head of hair from 2019!

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Ricki Lake is speaking her truth after “suffering mostly in silence off and on for almost 30 years.”

On New Year’s Day, the 51-year-old former talk show host took to Instagram to share photos of her newly shaved head and to explain her decision to make such a big change to her appearance.

“Liberated and Free, Me,” she began her lengthy caption. “First things first, I am not sick. (THANK GOD.) I am not having a mid-life crisis. nor am I having a mental breakdown, though I have been suffering. Suffering mostly in silence off and on for almost 30 years. AND I am finally ready to share my secret.”

Lake went on to explain how she’s battled hair loss “for most of my adult life.”