Shay The Mid-Day Baye!

    Get to know Shay, your mid-day baye!

    Even though I’ve lived in Peoria for over 15 years now, I’m originally from St. Louis, so if you’re a Cubs fan, we can still be friends, but like…. Frenemies! I’ve worked in Peoria radio since 2005, and I am excited to be on such a fun and active station as Peoria’s 92.3! You’ll have to forgive the fact that the first CD I ever bought with my own money was Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. My music tastes have evolved since then, I promise (although Broccoli and Chocolate is a bomb song, and I still know all of the words. If you see me around town, I’ll sing it for you – you’re welcome)! Best concert I’ve ever been to: Backstreet Boys… as an adult. I may have teared up. Ok so I’m a little stuck in the 90s. But come on, pretty awesome decade! Tell me a show as good as Saved By The Bell or Hanging With Mr. Cooper, and you’re a liar! I’ll be hanging out in your Interactive Lunch Hour, so if you can tell that I’m eating something, it’s definitely cheese in some form, usually on a slice of pizza. Find Peoria’s 92.3 on any of our socials, and let me know what you want to hear! Then I’ll hang with you for another hour until 2pm to hopefully fast forward your workday!