Why Are So Many Women In Illinois Googling Relationship Advice About Cheating?

Flickr User Vladimir Pustovit
Flickr User Vladimir Pustovit

Relationships aren’t easy. There are books, blogs, and podcasts about love, but even THOSE people have trouble too.

But recently, CenturyLinkQuote found that the most googled search for relationships in Illinois is “I cheated on my boyfriend.” Wait, WHAT?!?

Pennsylvania and Georgia are in the same boat as Illinois. But more importantly, WHY?!?! Why are so many women flocking to google to ask about cheating on their boyfriends?

Seriously, if you have an answer to that question, tell us your thoughts @Peorias923 on Twitter.

Other states like Washington are googling “How to break up.” Oregon is rather kinky with “open relationship” being googled the most.

For our neighboring states like Iowa and Wisconsin, they are googling “how to kiss.”

What is the weirdest relationship question you have ever had to google? Or, what is the weirdest thing you have ever googled?

For me, it was “Why are do my balls hurt?” TMI, I know, but imagine how my Dr felt when he had to find out why.

ORyan tha KANG!