9 Things To Look Forward To As Fall Makes It’s Way To Central Illinois

Flickr User Tripp
Flickr User Tripp

Hi! How has your summer been? For me personally, probably the best summer ever! I didn’t have to travel around a bunch AND I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family at weddings, Peoria Chiefs games, camping, and at soooo many fun events in central Illinois!

Since we can’t rewind time, which I wish I could because it’s been the best summer, let’s embrace fall, or #Thotumn, as it’s being called these days.

So, if you are Pumpkin Spice ready… here are a few things we are looking forward to as we get ready to cool off in Peoria!

9) Rocky Horror Picture Show at Peoria Player’s Theater – October 25 & 26, don’t miss the only two performances of the CLASSIC Rocky Horror Picture Show! Click here for details, grab your tickets, and check out the approved props list.

8) Halloween Parties – Planning on throwing one? INVITE US! (Especially if there is free booze). Need a party? Keep listening to Peoria’s 92.3 for all Halloween Party details!

7) Bonfires – there is nothing better than sitting around a bonfire on a cool night! Especially if it’s with friends and family and you have your favorite beverage in hand! Start grabbing fallen branches out of your neighbors yards and get your wood pile ready for some amazing fall evenings!

6) Peoria Rivermen Hockey! Their new season kicks off in 7 weeks! We can’t wait for the fast paced, hard hitting action the Rivermen bring to Carver Arena every year. Make sure to listen to Peoria’s 92.3 all season long for the hook up!

5) Mosquitos disappear – Stupid, pesky mosquitos. Well, we wont have to worry about that much longer. As the temps cool, the mosquitos vanish. All the other bugs will try to find a comfy place in your home though. So… Take the good with the bad.

4) High School Football is BACK! Who will take central Illinois to state? Will anyone go undefeated? From now until the end of November, HS Football will take over central Illinois! Get ready for the trash talking, the rivalries, and fun Friday nights cheering on your favorite team. You can also catch the Friday night Game of the Week on our sister station, 95.5 GLO!

3) Haunted Houses – BOO!  Are you ready? Might be a good time to stock up on extra undies. Are you ready for Spook Hollow? Make sure to listen to win your passes as we get into October! I for one can’t wait. Especially because afterwards, I hit up Taco Johns to grab a 6-pack and a pound. One of my other favorites is the Haunted Infirmary at the Bartonville Insane Asylum.

2) Tanners Apple Donuts – OH YEAH! They are out now. My plan is to grab some, and some vanilla bean ice cream! I will either make an apple donut sandwich OR warm them up a little bit and let the ice cream just melt all over them. #CurrentlyDrooling The cider is perfect for a bonfire (warm of course), or as a mixer with your favorite liquor!

1) Spirit of Peoria Cruise – The best way to enjoy the river, the changing foliage, and the perfect crisp fall weather is to take a ride on the Spirit of Peoria. It’s a fun way to relax for a few hours and just enjoy the beauty of central Illinois. Have a beer, kick back, and relax as you take a smooth ride up and down the river.

And sure, there are more things to do. This is just some of the things I could thing of for the time being! So, what are YOU looking forward to? Pumkin spice everything? Cool nights? Movies and cuddling?