Top 10 Things We Stress About As Heard On The Morning Grind

photo credit, Flickr

What’s on your list of biggest stress makers?  Although I don’t have kids, I’m going to say…KIDS, according to all people who have kids!  So, whats on you list?

As heard on Brian & The Morning Grind,  recent survey of 2,000 American’s showed  only 27% knew the answer to when taxes are due (April 15), but what the top stress makers in our lives?

  1. Taxes- 73% say it’s a top stressor
  2. Going to the Doctor- 67%
  3. Holiday Shopping- 64%
  4. Going to the Dentist- 64%
  5. Family Events- 64%
  6. Credit Card Debt- 64%
  7. Traveling- 61%
  8. How Much Money is in the Bank- 60%
  9. Paying our Rent or Mortgage- 59%
  10. Visits from Our In-Laws- 59%