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KFC just teamed up with Crocs to make a special line of shoes.  The soles look like a KFC bucket . . . there are pictures of fried chicken printed on the shoes . . . and there’s a fake DRUMSTICK attached to the top of both shoes. Oh, and they’re CHICKEN-SCENTED. If you’re interested, the shoes will be released sometime this spring, and you can sign up now on Crocs.com to get an alert as soon as they go on sale.  They’re going to cost $60.  If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone this year, could the type of CAREER you’re in have something to do with it? Someone went through a bunch of census stats, looking at single people over 40 and the various jobs they have.  And BARTENDER is one of them. It’s the #1 job with single MEN over 40, and also made the top ten for women.  Which is surprising, since so many people hit on bartenders.


Over 40 & single, here’s the top jobs!

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone this year, could the type of CAREER you’re in have something to do with it? Someone went through a bunch of census stats, looking at single people over 40 and the various jobs they have.  And BARTENDER is one of them. It’s the #1 job with single MEN over 40, and also made the top ten for women.  Which is surprising, since so many people hit on bartenders.

Sometimes work becomes so hectic that people can block out everything else in their life – including love – in hopes of making a successful career for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, being single longer is a trending topic in today’s society. There are plenty of benefits of staying single and marrying later in life. Being financially independent, creating a successful career for yourself, and building a strong network of friends and coworkers are just a few of the things one can focus on if they’re not wrapped up in a committed relationship. That’s not to say those things are impossible if someone is married, either. There’s just a lot of time that tends to be invested in those serious relationships that could be used for other things by single people. Still, the thought of one being single later into their life made us wonder – what types of work are these people in that has them so wrapped up?

  1. Bartenders: 74%
  2. Tile installers: 73%
  3. Food servers, non-restaurant: 69%
  4. Tour and travel guides: 65%
  5. Parts salespersons: 64%
  6. Personal care workers: 63%
  7. Flight attendants: 61%
  8. Veterinary assistants: 61%
  9. Postal service mail workers: 60%
  10. Food batchmakers: 60%




There are plenty of things that can make us angry, up to 4 time’s a day! . . . but it’s possible that NOTHING is more consistent at making us angry AND mean than being hungry. According to a new survey of 2,000 Americans, being “hangry” leads to an average of four arguments per week. And here are the top five reasons we get hangry . . .

1.  We waited too long to eat.

2.  We didn’t eat enough at a meal.

3.  We didn’t like what we ate.

4.  We’re on a diet.

5.  We sacrificed something that tastes good for a healthier but much less delicious alternative.



Celebrity Dirty at 8:30 Top 5!

1.  JANET JACKSON’s nipple from the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show is basically the reason we have YouTube.  Three guys from PayPal invented it when they realized there wasn’t really anywhere you could see the footage.  (Full Story)

2.  MACAULAY CULKIN is once again insisting that MICHAEL JACKSON didn’t do anything to him.  He also says that he has a habit of stealing spoons from restaurants, and he’s shared that hobby with Paris Jackson.  (Full Story)

3.  DWYANE WADE went on “Ellen” yesterday and announced that his 12-year-old son Zion has come out as a girl, and she has chosen the name Zaya.  And Dwyane couldn’t be more proud.  He said, quote, “I looked at her and said ‘You are a leader.'”  (Full Story)

4.  KOBE BRYANT and his daughter Gianna were laid to rest in a private funeral last Friday.  The public memorial is set for Monday, February 24th at the Staples Center.  (Full Story)

5.  Several theater chains have changed the name of “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)”, to “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey” on their websites.  They’re hoping that putting the Harley Quinn name front and center will improve business.  (Full Story)




A survey found the time of day when we’re the happiest at work is 3:25 PM.  And overall, our happiest moments on any given day are when we wake up after a great night’s sleep . . . eat a good dinner . . . and sit down in front of the TV.  Most people look forward to five o’clock on Mondays.  But according to this, the ACTUAL best part of your workday will happen about 90 minutes before that. A survey found 3:25 PM is when we’re the happiest.  And on average, we have eight happy moments on any given day, plus five low ones.  Obviously we’re happier when we’re NOT at work though.  Here are the ten happiest moments of the day overall . . .

1.  Waking up after a great night’s sleep.

2.  Eating a great dinner.

3.  The moment you sit down in front of the TV at night.

4.  Your boss showing you some appreciation.

5.  Getting home after work.

6.  Getting a compliment from someone.

7.  Getting a hug from your child.

8.  Having a late-night snack.

9.  The moment you take off your work clothes.

10.  The moment you take your shoes off after work.  Some of our worst moments of the day including being stuck in traffic, spilling food, and realizing you slept through your alarm.




Top stories from Celebrity Dirty at 8:30 for 2/7/20

1.  The free stuff in this year’s Oscar swag bag includes:  a brain sensor, hydrogen-infused water, a urine collection system, and TWO packages of dark chocolate Milanos!  (Full Story)

2.  40,000 people were asked, if their team was in the Super Bowl, would they want to watch from a lower-level seat on the 40-yard line, or on an 85-inch TV?  40% of them chose the TV.  (Full Story)

3.  GAYLE KING brought up the KOBE BRYANT rape allegation from 2003 in an interview, and when the clip was posted online, celebrities including Snoop DoggLeBron James, and 50 Cent went at her pretty hard.  She says it was taken out of context, and blamed her network, CBS.  (Full Story)

4.  “Birds of Prey” is the biggest movie out this weekend.  There’s also a horror movie in limited release called “The Lodge”.  (New Releases)

5.  Disney CEO Bob Iger apologized for his company fining an elementary school $250 for showing “The Lion King” during a fundraiser.  He said he’s waiving the fee, and personally donating to the cause.  (Full Story)

6.  Baby Yoda is already the best-selling pre-order Funko Pop of all time.  It was just announced in December, and doesn’t come out until May.  The overall best-selling Funko Pop is Baby Dancing Groot.  (Full Story)

7.  A new report says the “Friends” reunion special is back on at HBO Max.  Supposedly, all six cast members are getting between $3 million and $4 million to participate.  (Full Story)



A guy in Ontario, Canada told a judge he set $1 MILLION on FIRE . . . so he wouldn’t have to pay it to his ex-wife for spousal and child support.  A judge didn’t buy the story, so he sentenced him to 30 days in jail to, quote, “rethink” what happened to the money.  Well, he was in court recently and told a judge he’d sold some properties and businesses for around $1 million.  (About 750,000 in U.S. dollars.)  Then he withdrew that in cash . . . and set the money ON FIRE to keep it away from his ex-wife. And his kids, I guess.  This guy is no hero.  The judge pointed that out, asking, quote, “How does destroying over a million dollars advance your child’s best interest?”  But Bruce says he did it out of frustration with the divorce. Oh, by the way, Bruce said he didn’t take a video of the cash on fire, he didn’t have any witnesses, and he doesn’t really have any proof. The judge told him, quote, “You understand that’s hard to believe” . . . and sentenced him to 30 days in jail to, quote, “rethink” what happened to the money.  He also fined him $2,000-a-day to go to his ex-wife.

See some of the comments and add yours here!


Image may contain: possible text that says 'Poll says Women want chocolate. Men want 'favors' for Valentine's. True?'

The #1 thing women want for Valentine’s Day this year is chocolate, according to a new poll, followed by a card, and flowers.  The #1 thing guys want is “sexual favors.”  Booze and electronics also made their top five

A new survey found the #1 gift women want to get for Valentine’s Day this year is chocolate . . . and the #1 gift guys want is SEXUAL FAVORS. 20% of men said they’d like to receive sex for Valentine’s Day.  And 30% of women want to get chocolate or candy. The top five things women want are chocolate . . . a card . . . flowers . . . jewelry . . . and a massage or spa day. The top things men want are sexual favors . . . a card . . . chocolate . . . booze . . . and electronics. It didn’t ask people if they plan to GIVE sex as a gift.  But the #1 gift women did say they plan to give is . . . chocolate. The #1 thing men said they plan to give this year is flowers.  Chocolate was a close second though. Enjoy some of the comments here!

One in five single people say they think Valentine’s Day should be CANCELED, according to a new survey.  And 43% of single people say they feel a ton of pressure to get into a relationship when Valentine’s Day comes around. Here’s one way to get over feeling bad about being single on Valentine’s Day:  Destroy the holiday. According to a new survey, one in five single people say they think Valentine’s Day should be ANCELED.And 43% of single people say they feel a ton of pressure to get into a relationship when Valentine’s Day comes around.What’s causing all that pressure?  The top three are society’s expectations . . . the commercialization and advertising around Valentine’s Day . . . and social media hype. The survey also found that 17% of single people say they’re happy to spend Valentine’s Day with their friends . . . and 12% are happy to spend it with a pet. Now you tell us right here! And see more from today’s Morning Grind with Brian at Red Hot Brian Scott & The Sideshow

If your dog goes to the bathroom in under five minutes, you might consider it a successful walk.  But have you actually been walking your dog WRONG this whole time?  According to the head of PETA, it might be true. Here are four tips to make trips outside a little better for your dog . . .

1.  Realize what a big deal it is for them.  Going for a walk is a major event for a dog, especially if you don’t have a yard.  So stop thinking of it as something you HAVE to do, and think of it as something they look forward to.  Quote, “It’s more than a bathroom break, it’s an excursion.”

2.  Give them more time to sniff stuff.  You don’t have to let them smell the same tree for 20 minutes.  But don’t constantly yank them along with you.  Think of it like this.  Sniffing things is your dog’s way of reading the news.

3.  Be more involved, not so distracted.  Dogs are smarter than we realize.  And they can sense when you’re not truly present with them.  So don’t stare at your phone the whole time.  Try to be more involved in their walks.

4.  Stop walking them with just a leash and collar.  A harness is better and won’t hurt their neck as much.  Especially when they lunge at stuff.


As heard on todays Celebrity Dirty at 8:30 top 5

1.  SHAQ made it clear on his podcast that he’s “not doing well” with KOBE BRYANT’s death.  Especially since his sister also recently passed.  He added, quote, “I love Kobe Bryant.  I’m the first to say hey, I got four rings, I couldn’t have gotten three without him.”  (Full Story)

2.  A list of Super Booo 54 interesting facts includes:  The Chiefs and the 49ers have never met in a Super Bowl.  But in 2014, the two cities duked it out in the World Series.  Also, this is the first time a Super Bowl will feature TWO teams with red as a primary uniform color.  (Full Story)

3.  BILL MURRAY returned to Woodstock, Illinois to film a “Groundhog Day”-themed Super Boooo ad for Jeep.  Other ads have already hit the Internet from Michelob Ultra, Mountain Dew, Squarespace, and more.  (Full Story)

4.  CBS has a printable PROP BET game, where the people at your party can bet on things like:  How long will Demi Lovato’s National Anthem take, will the game be tied again after starting 0-0, and how many wardrobe changes for J-Lo during halftime?  Over 2.5, or under 2.5?  (Full Story)

5.  JUSTIN BIEBER was afraid to propose to HAILEY BALDWIN, because he didn’t know if he could be faithful.  But he finally said, quote, “I’m going to make the decision and follow through with it and be a husband.”  (Full Story)

As heard on todays Celebrity Dirty at 8:30 top 5

1.  A source claims KOBE BRYANT and his wife Vanessa had an agreement that they’d never fly in a helicopter together, presumably to ensure that their family would be taken care of in case anything happened.  (Full Story)

2.  There’s an online petition asking that the NBA honor KOBE BRYANT by making him their new logo.  And even though Kobe never played for the Dallas Mavericks, they’ve decided to retire his number 24.  (Full Story)

3.  LEBRON JAMES is still struggling to process KOBE BRYANT’s death, but he posted a tribute online yesterday.  He said, quote, “I promise you I’ll continue your legacy man!  You mean so much to us all here . . . and it’s my responsibility to put this [stuff] on my back and keep it going!”  (Full Story)

4.  Planters says they’re pausing their social media campaign surrounding the tragic death of Mr. Peanut in the wake of the real-life tragic death of KOBE BRYANT.  But they’re still planning to air Mr. Peanut’s funeral during the Super Bowl.  (Full Story)

5.  DEREK HOUGH is defending his sister JULIANNE after that video went viral of her receiving that weird energy healing treatment.  He said it looks crazy but it may be ahead of its time, and it’s, quote, “worth an open mind.”  (Full Story)